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It’s not everyday, you enter an airplane full of military special forces, and in the midst is a retired Navy spitfire turned soap maker from Maryland making beaded bracelets. It is also not every day you enter your neighbor’s house and the smell of basil fills the entire place, but she’s not cooking. Enter the fabulous Lori Abercrombie, and her amazing company Lather and Lace. Her company motto, Mae West Meets Martha Stewart, implies a bit of saucy meets practicality. I found this little gem, where else, but Twitter, and she is NJGreats second Across The Border feature. She was too good NOT to write about.

Lather and Lace is not the “petal tossing” stuffy upscale spa kind of company. It is about real skin care & relaxation; inspired by the old west and how the natural seasons affect every day life. On top of using the finest ingredients Lori offers many scent choices from  highly aromatic fragrance oils to healing essential oils. One use of Whipped Into A Lather (whipped soap) and your shower, bathroom and surrounding areas smell wonderful for hours. 

These are not just “lookin pretty” products either. Shea’mon Me is hardworking moisture for working skin, delivering super moisture from natural shea butter and wildly scented with too many choices to mention including newly added I Found My Thrill - Blueberry. The list of scents is endless and some of the combinations are irresistible. While my daughters are currently in “Almond Joy” mode, my entire upper floor has boasted the scents of both Fresh & Spirit Horse. One time I left the house just after a shower, and the car smelled great too, not an easy task for a momma taxiing 3 teens, like me.

As if all this wasn’t enough to get you to Lori’s website, she has an amazing heart and loves to give back. She says she does what she loves, after a long military career and spending 16 years selling among the competitive skin care lines. The first time I shopped at her site I was drawn to “Jars for Joy”, a campaign to sell 1000 jars of her product donating proceeds to a wellness farm for horses. I bought a bunch and shared them with the horse lovers in my life.

Birthed in 2009 Lather and Lace is such a unique line, offering wonderful ingredients, amazing scents, and something a little special in Miss Lori. I recommend tweeting with her right away, just tell her I sent you. Stop by her website of the same name ( for some handcrafted soaps, one of kind jewelry and gifts. Her newly launched skin care line is getting rave reviews. This line is years of experience and NO filler. I can't wait to try it, and will write about it all it's own, I have to, Lori double-dog dares anyone who tries and doesn't love!  Oh, the opening line is a true story, our Miss Lori is a Navy hero, serving in both Iraq and Afghanistan. One flight over, to lighten things up, she sat in the middle of an entire plane of Special Forces flying over Afghanistan and began making pearl bracelets. She had them all talking and leaning over asking questions about what kind of pearls they were and maybe enjoying just a moment of normal life. Now that’s my kind of girl. Please visit Lather and Lace  for a unique experience for the senses and some of the best skin care out there.

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