Tuesday, July 26, 2011



On a beautiful summer afternoon, I had the privilege to meet Anthony and Katie Marsala at my favorite coffee place at the Jersey Shore, RocknJoes in Point Pleasant Beach. A few months earlier, I found the Jersey Shore Bracelet on Twitter and knew I had found something special. Having nothing to do with reality shows, Katie, born and raised Jersey girl, came up with the idea after getting a Cape Cod Denis bracelet. This coveted piece of jewelry has local prestige, and was recognized everywhere in New England as the “in” piece of jewelry. Searching her heart, Katie and husband Anthony created a piece of jewelry unique to the beaches she grew up on. 

When visiting New Jersey beaches in late fall and winter, there are noticeable striations in the sand made by the atlantic crosswinds . This cross –hatching pattern is the inspiration for the beautiful Jersey Shore Bracelet. 

 The design is available in sterling silver, sterling with gold tips and gold dipped silver. It looks absolutely beautiful on, and the clean lines make it stackable.   What gives the concept more local flare is Katie’s childhood summers were spent selling Lemonade on the very streets she now resides on with Long Island native (won over by the Jersey Shore) and supporting husband Anthony. Married for three years, they both are Physical Therapists and share a creative passion that led to the creation of this lasting keepsake. One morning in 2010, walking out of church, Katie came up with the idea. A little divine intervention, one might say, led to the website launch in late November of that year.

My time with Katie and Anthony was inspiring. I love watching people chase their dreams, but was moved by their strong desire to give back. The week before, they participated in a fundraiser for Covenant House at the beautiful Normandy Inn . As a matter of fact, they are donating proceeds from all July sales to Covenant House.  sounds like an opportunity for early Christmas shopping. They also had the opportunity to participate in the premier summer kick off event at Jenkinsons Memorial Day event and are avid supporters of Childrens Specialized Hospital, where Katie is on staff.

I have to say I am thrilled to own this beautiful bracelet, and honored to be a part of the Jersey Shore Bracelet family. Katie and Anthony are genuinely great people who are making a lasting impression in New Jersey in a beautiful way. Please visit their website to see all of the pieces and like them on Facebook too.