Monday, December 12, 2011


While I’m a little to old to make a list for Santa, I am not too old to share some of the things I find, that brighten the day. During this shopping crazed holiday season, be sure to check out some of these great things, because the people behind them are extraordinary.

It is no secret that coffee is on the top of my list. In a non-caffeine addicted way, I just love it, the taste the smell, the process from bean to cup, even the thought of making it or going out for it. And there is no better place than RocknJoe's. One of the first ever NJgreats blogs detailed just how great this place is, from the rock and roll memorabilia to the excellent coffee offerings. But what makes the place, besides the fact that it is yards from the ocean is Dave Terra Nova. He is a native of the Jersey Shore and knows just about everybody and everything about it. He is constantly supporting charities and local businesses and all around is a great guy.

While there are endless choices for skin care on the market today, Gia stands out as one of the most natural and effective lines I have come across in years. Gia brings 25 years of experience together with only the best ingredients to this line, and is beautiful both inside and out. Strawberry skin polish goes on very smooth and creamy, not gritty. The smell of fresh strawberries is invigorating and after you rinse, you are left with a soft lasting beautiful glow. A definite stocking stuffer, and my latest “can’t live with out” product. Be sure to look for an “Across the Border Greats” post coming soon.

Michelle is a gem of a woman, making the trip to Dumont worth it!  Her baskets are always full of wondrous treats  made to order and aim to please. Her site is shop and ship friendly and your gift giving is made easy. I highly recommend following her on Twitter. She is always doing something charitable and tweetin’ about it. She supports a local scholarship fund and puts her hand to the plow in so many selfless ways. I am such a fan, she is truly an “NJGreat” and I can’t wait to write about her.

Lauren and her amazing collection of vintage accessories was just featured on NJGreats.
Her pieces are so unique and her personal story will move you. Find her on Etsy and at the Health Shoppe in Morristown a few days a week. Her treasure trove includes such lines as Joolz Hayworth and Jillery. We LOVE her newest collaborative effort with Noel Grabow; vintage leather watchbands worn alone or adorned with a fabulous jewel. Hoping my stocking is stuffed with those!

The tag line says it all “Mae West meets Martha Stewart” This amazing collection of soaps, skin care, jewelry and accessories is one of a kind. Each product from the bath and body line moisturizes you clean and blended with essential oils, which keep you scented beautifully all day, and in most cases, you and the room you dress in. You must check the website for her amazing list of scents. The current favorite product from this great line is “whipped into a lather”. It’s a creamy whipped soap,that lathers up fast and leaves your skin feeling clean and super soft. There is nothing like it and life is not the same with out it. Coming soon, my interview with the AwesomeLori Abercrombie and her story of beading on a military plane!!!

This is one of the most innovative ideas I have come across on the web. Ficklets are accessories for your eyeglasses.  They make wearing glasses fun and fashionable, and most importantly, they take the stigma away from looking and feeling “different” because of wearing glasses. Wish these were around when my twin girls were younger. The Guerrero’s came up with the idea for their amazing daughter Gem. They are a hit with young folks adorning eye wear. Follow NJGreats to read more about Ros and her super invention…and her beautiful heart.

Another early post on NJGreats featured this beautiful piece of Jewelry inspired by the  hashmarks made by the wind on the sand of the great New Jersey coast. The vision of Anthony andKatie Marsala is beautifully created in gold, silver or a combination of both.
And, after meeting them, loving their creation and sharing a great cup of coffee at ….YOU KNOW WHERE…I saw how big their hearts were. That month a percentage of sales went to support Covenant House New Jersey. A few months later they donated to victims of the notorious hurricane Irene, that ripped through the Garden State. This a great gift to give any time of year, and most likely, it will keep on giving.

I am totally hooked on this product. It is literally is a spa for your eyes. There is no product on the market quite like it. In a sealed tray are two crescent shaped gel forms, drenched in moisture to be applied just below the eye. In 15 minutes the skin around the eye is hydrated fresh all day. For a cool shot, store them in the fridge, or for a double shot, put them on before entering the shower. Check out my write up on them in In With Skin magazine.

By far, one of my most favorite things has to be Twitter. With out it, this blog would not exist,I wouldn’t know most of these amazing folks. I would not have developed social media skills as Twitter has given me the opportunity to learn from the best from around the world. I am truly grateful for the following folks and chats that made NJGreats what it is today, and what it has the potential to be tomorrow….Amy Howell @HowellMarketing@DabneyPorte  I could write forever about her and her communities of fabulousness  #smmanners #smgirlfriends #slumberparty, @Adamsconsulting, the awesome Diana Adams,, @BrunoLoGreco #askthecoach  @iempoweru Linda Hughes @modlandUSA Gerry Wendel  @Lipingfeng #cmchat @melissaonline and many many more.