Saturday, February 4, 2012


We asked. You delivered. As the Boys in Blue hit the field this weekend, here’s what
you tweeted about all week. Had a blast chatting with you all and tomorrow night, we
all in for some great football.  Check out all the links and the cool pics! Thanks to all who participated #GOGIANTS

Love the pumps! Popular aviatar all over Facebook and Twitter
Thanks for sharing Gia!

How is everyone today? GO GIANTS!! @NJgreats @kathleenhagburg @dhagburg @Giaskincare

Michelle of Baskets and Beyond rocking the Big Blue Support!

dhagburg Dave Hagburg

@basketcase1993 @NJgreats @KathleenHagburg @Giaskincare Ready 4 the Big Blue Train to roll!

basketcase1993 Baskets-n-Beyond

Only 2 more day until Big Blue destroys NE @NJgreats @dhagburg @KathleenHagburg @Giaskincare

KathleenHagburg Kathleen Hagburg

The entire Hagburg family long time Jersey residents and authors of Getting IntoThe Zone
read all about them here this week! 

@jjauthor Janie Johnson

Thank you! You guys are the best! Go Giants! Make my husband a happy man! Janie @NJgreats @seanhannity

Yep, you read it here author Janie Johnson of  Please Dont take My Lemonade Stand & Obama 2012 Slogans Rewritten, avenger of all things captialism tweeting the awesome Sean Hannity.

ya mean this big hair  @chickenfoup @lorisica say what u want about big hair IT made it to 86 GIANTS super celebration

 Gotta love this picture. All I need to say here.

EVERY HALF TIME SHOW EVER! @njdotcom Fans, fill in the blank: The Giants are better than ________________. #nyg #BetterThanPats
TY NJDOTCOM  we are fans!

ChadLombardi chad lombardi
Defense wins championships #GOGIANTS

We couldn't agree more Chad! Thanks 
Life time Giants fan right here.

 neen0512 Jeannine Cavalier

Neen0512 Jeannine Cavalier

Janeen YOU my friend are a super fan!

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