Thursday, April 28, 2011


127 miles of sand between your toes - Atlantic coast; 1million acres of rolling farm lands; each season vividly expressed from the warm fall colors of the turning trees along Rte 24 to the brightest pastels of the wild flowers at Duke Farms. But this is not what makes New Jersey beautiful; it is the people who live here, who have built businesses and raised families here who watched their grandkids play on the same beaches they themselves, grew up on; who form strong community bonds and welcoming neighborhoods. The heart and soul of this state lies in the people who make it great. Join me in my journey as I visit the REAL people who make a difference in this state, who have a story to tell and a legacy to leave. I was born and raised here, watched my own father build and run a thriving business. And now, my amazing husband and father of our children has staked his claim as a leader in the small( and growing)business world of New Jersey. So many wonderful folks have made a difference in our lives. And all of them have a story to share. This blog is an opportunity to showcase the truly great in the Garden State.