Sunday, January 29, 2012



The first time I saw “Ficklets” on twitter, I had to find out what they were. I found out, they are not only fun to say, but fun to wear.Ficklets are charms for eyeglasses, invented by Ros Guerrero.  Inspired by her daughter Gem, one morning Ros looked across the breakfast bar counter at her, and the only part of her face she could see were her eyeglasses. She thought, those frames need some jazzing up. The idea for Ficklets was born.

Ros describes herself as a “serial entrenpreneur”. After spending 10 years in both retail and wholesale in the European luxury business, she and husband Roy became parents to Gem. They learned early on that she was born with a disability and starting their own business would be the best option for the family. For almost 7 years, Ros experienced commercial and residential investing, window treatment design and even was partners in a nail salon. Ficklets was the “a-ha” moment she was searching for.  After extensive market research, and a final prototype, they concluded that there was no concept like Ficklets in the market place. Her confirmation came when Gem wore them to school and came home with a note from the teacher saying her eyeglass charms got tons of attention from students and staff. 

Now almost 5 years later, some creative brand building and social media networking, Ficklets has been featured in several top publications and have two major distributors in the optical industry. Ros is gifted in her social media talents and connects regularly with like minded entrepreneurs who like her, are passionate about what they do. She knows the value of social media to growing her business faster, easier and much more affordable. I am moved by her passion for her family. She and Roy have watched Gem grow to be a thriving teen, balance precious family time along with the demands of the business and still find time to engage and encourage many in the twitter stream.

 Ficklets is NJGreats first ever “Across the Border” greats post, I was honored that Ros would take some time to share her story with me. Please visit and like her facebook page. My favorite are the flip flops. And look for more Across the Border Greats in the future. I always say, Twitter brings the world closer. This is a great example as I don’t look at Ros as just a fellow entrepreneur, she is a friend.
"A fun, fashionable, fresh twist to eyeglasses"

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This is the first installment of our Across The Border Greats series. Ros is so special and Ficklets caught my eye immediately. We here at NJGreats recognize the importance of reaching across the borders to entrepreneurs everywhere and always share greatness where it blooms. Not to mention, Arizona is a pretty cool place to be.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Small Business Networking

I have been a life long resident of the great state of New Jersey. Just enough metropolitan to border the fast paced Manhattan work force, with a little farm land and beach front. I was raised by a small business man and I married one, watched many folks dig roots here, raise their families and instill an amazing work ethic and a pride for what this country is founded on.  New Jersey small business folks are tough, loyal and as one of the original melting pots of this country have a rich cultural lineage, and if you search deep enough, you find some how we all are connected. Located in the hub of the Tri State area, New Jersey has great international potential as well. Entrepreneur excellence is available in this, “small in size, but giant in potential” state.


The mission of NJGreats is to profile some great small businesses and start ups and use the power of social media to network and grow business. Many start-ups here are new to social media. NJGreats is a platform to grow your business’ social media presence, linking not only blog posts, tweets and facebook activity, but the opportunity to connect with entrepreneurs across the state, through out the country and internationally as well. The spirit of capitalism is alive and well in New Jersey and NJGreats highlights all that put their hands to the plow, have a story to tell and a legacy to leave.


Entrepreneur Community Online fuels the passion behind NJgreats and what makes me tick. I love the professional learning atmosphere. The information is readily available as well as the access to some of the greatest entrepreneur minds of our time. The webinars are interactive and jammed with great, practical tools and priceless information. ECO is a place for Entrepreneurs to connect, conceive and create their passions.

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