Sunday, November 13, 2011



I really had no idea what I was getting into back in August. I was reading Pam Kramer; @pamelmkramer, tweeting  about a burpee challenge. It sounded fun, and, after finding out in January that I have some cartilage issues in my hip, what better way to strengthen the hip flexors and prove the doctors wrong; that I can in fact train like I want to.
My fitness regime was stalled. One doctor told me to stop all activity and my trainer said she wouldn’t come near me until I got some rehab. I already lost strength and shape, so what else could I possibly have to lose. And it was only 100 days.
After tweeting with @pamelamkramer about different crossfit work outs, I have come to respect her and figured, if she’s got something to do with this, then I want something to do with it. So I did.


By day 60, my shoulders, triceps and trapezius muscles had toned nicely, my posture improved. By day 80, I was leaner, and was able to do more burpees in less time. However, I did stop all weight training as soreness every night was tough, and I wanted to be ready every morning to hit it. It had become clear that body weight training was not only convenient, it was effective.
About the same time, I learned that to complete the challenge, I had to do 100 burpees consecutively, record myself doing them and post it to the web. Right then and there, I considered dropping out. I was doing burpees as a circuit, maybe 10-15 at a time, along with abdominal work, steps, medicine ball reps; didn’t think I could bang them out at once. Then, to post it, publicly, oh I could never do that. I over came that fear ( along with some tech support from my son), and day 100 I completed 100 burpees in 19 minutes and 28 seconds; my fastest recorded time. The athlete in me still thrives, and the competitive spirit flows in my blood. For the record, I turned 42 days before day 100 and thought it would be a great way to mark the milestone. Some go out to celebrate, party, indulge. I did 100 burpees.
But by far, what had the greatest impact on me was that discipline and determination that still drives me. Many times in the past, when someone told me I couldn’t do something, I just didn’t. Realizing my potential, at a deficit, and a bit older, and a long way from the world of competition,  has a lot more meaning than when I was in high school or college. Now my kids are watching. More is caught, than taught, and if one of them understands what I did, it was well worth it.
Thank you Pam, Amanda @beeacutie2 and Sara @mamasarahjane. Your friendship and support made this such an adventure.
Special thank you to my kids, I could not have done this with out you, and it was fun when I got to do it with you!
To my husband, you are a daily example of strength and determination; you inspire me; you are my hero.
On to the next challenge.


  1. Great post Lori!! You are a burpee rock star! Keep on burpee-in' on!! Doing 100 consecutively on video and posting it online was probably the toughest part of the challenge for me too, but aren't you glad you did it??

  2. What an amazing thing you have accomplished. It truly is a mind set to stick with it. It's pure determination to finish. You are one of the few the proud the finishers!