Monday, June 13, 2011


Please indulge me for a moment as we approach Father’s Day. I wrote this awhile back. I  love the way the words flow, as it is an expression of the love I have in my heart.

Man is God’s most beautiful creation. By design he is complex, created in God’s own image.
A man is an example of strength, not just physical, but mental and moral.
A man is faithful to his word, and his family.
A man speaks with conviction. His words are truth.

A man is a comforter, because just being in his presence brings feelings of safety and security.
His children go to bed at night knowing all is well because Daddy is home.
A man is driven. There is no challenge too great for him, yet, he knows that his courage and strength come from God.
When you look into his deep brown eyes, you see strength, you see a life lived with a purpose and you see the endless possibilities of the future.
A man has a vast mind. He thinks through each move, sometimes, each word, because his words are powerful, effective and life changing.

A man comes home at night and lays his head on the pillow, knowing he did his job that day, ready to be refreshed and start again in the morning.
A man has the most amazing, powerfully sculpted arms, that when you are held by them, time stands still, there is no fear or concern. Your world is wrapped up and safe in them.
A man is the most complex creature, sturdy and unwavering, and yet, sometimes childlike and uninhibited.

A man loves his woman. When he looks at her, she becomes more beautiful.
He provides her with a wonderful life, the blessings of children, hope for the future, and love unconditional.
A man is a leader, a teacher, and advisor and an example.
He lives the legacy he will leave the future generations.
A man does have a soft side, but even that is powerful.
A man is the center of his family, he builds them up, is their strength and provider. He showers them with love and support. He is their past, present and their promise of the future.

This isn’t every man.
This is my man, who made me a wife, a mother and the woman I am today.

Share this with the man you are honoring this Father’s Day.
Happy Father's Day from NJGreats

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  1. Wonderful tribute. I love it. My man makes me feel like this.

  2. Beautifully written, thank you so much for putting it out there...

    Take Care