Monday, June 20, 2011




Whoever said Twitter is just people talking about what they ate for lunch, truly has no idea of the magnitude of Social Media. While tweeting about my New Jersey roots, with fellow Jersey Boy (part time, now since relocated),Bruno LoGreco,  creator of the famed,  “Ask The Coach” chat and blog ( hope to have the chance to write about  you soon) I met an amazing woman; Pam Stanton. Her website,  is impressive. It boasts of a long career in project management with some big name corporations.  However, it is her passion and communication expertise that knocked me out of my seat.

Meeting for coffee (one of my favorite things to do) in mid May, Pam told me her story of working under leadership that was fear-driven and destructive in a shaky and getting worse economy. As Director of IT for a huge NJ based company, she realized this short-term thinking and “at all cost” style of leadership opposed her core values. After a vacation, a “moment of clarity’ and some timely advice from life coach and good friend Bruno Logreco, she reframed the question Why to Why not. Shortly after that, she knew it was time to leave the big corporate arena and start out on her own, hence, The Project Whisperer was born.

Pam likens herself to “the sweeper” in the sport of Curling; she gets the team where it needs to go. She helps people find their gifting. I found it amazing that in a short period of time, I was talking about my last job before I became a mother. She knew even with out me saying it that it was a passion in my life. She enabled me to communicate that to her. It is this perception and communication that awards her success with every team and project she has embarked upon in her vast 25 year career. Very nice  statistics. 


Her book, “The Project Whisperer” outlines a 7 step process for a project team’s journey. From stage 1 “shiny happy people’ to the final stage “movin on” Pam offers excellent tactics along with real life experience and a splash of humor to keep the reader interested and the project manager excited to get started. It is an encouraging, easy read;  perfect guide to not only successfully execute projects, but to understand that projects are about people. Pam’s gifting is finding peoples passions and putting them to work. Something some of us may spend a lifetime trying to figure out.

As if our meeting was amazing up to this point, Pam shared her heart with me and told me the amazing story of her adopted daughter. She had me at “hello” but this peek into her soul showed me just how much she cares about people. Pam Stanton is more than a NJ great she is outstanding. Please go to her website and buy her book. Check her out and join her chats on Twitter and Facebook. It will be life changing.



  1. Thank you so much for introducing us to Pam... I think her story speaks for so many people, I am glad she found her voice and decided to share it with us! I look forward to reading more about her. Have a fantastic afternoon!
    Take care,

  2. Thank you for sharing this story with us. I just love hearing about other women enterpeurs. So happy for Pam that she found her calling and is doing what she loves. Amazing women ROCK