Sunday, April 22, 2012

New Jersey Great Dr. Joseph Miranda

New Jersey Great Dr. Joseph Miranda

Ever think you would say the words “I love going to the dentist”? Well I do; and it is not just because Dr. Miranda tells me how beautiful my teeth are. It is because he is great, caring man, who more than gives back to the community he was raised in. His roots run deep (no pun intended).

From as early as 8th grade Joe Miranda was intrigued with science and the biology of how things are created. His father’s medical practice was located in the lower level of the house he grew up in, in Whippany. After an intern opportunity and graduating from Delbarton, he knew that dentistry was his focus. When he completed dental school, he did a one year program at Morristown Memorial Hospital. It was here he decided to open his own practice. With great medical dentistry experience and a solid reputation he did just that, in the same office his father practiced medicine.

His approach to dentistry is a little different than what you see today. He is “The” dentist, it is not a large group practice. He knows each patient, their history,  and their set of needs.  He does not push or even promote trendy cosmetic procedures; he focuses on preventative care, educating his patients and building trust. “Natural beauty can not be created, but issues can be resolved” he says, and is overwhelmed at the demand for cosmetic procedures where pathology is not present. “The science of dentistry must always come first, then beauty” says Joe, founding his practice on this, as is all sound medical treatment.

A big fan of New Jersey, Dr. Miranda kept his practice in the town he grew up in. To this day he has patients in their 90s that in his youth, he shoveled their driveways. He always supports local activities and opens his doors to interns. I know Dr. Miranda because my father was his science teacher at Memorial Junior School many years ago. He knew Joe to be a stand out and has trusted him to take care of us for many years. My own children go to him as well. You will not read about him in a local or medical magazine that accepts payment to insure a “high rating” on his practice. You also will not see his face plastered on a billboard heading West on Route ten offering to make your teeth look 10 years younger. But if you are traveling on Whippany Rd, just past Whippany Park High School, look for his sign. Better yet, call him and make an appointment.  You will come out educated and even looking forward to your next visit.

Dr. Joseph Miranda
279 Whippany Road


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