Friday, September 9, 2011


I chose to write this to honor those who gave their lives on a day that changed our country forever.
While there are great holes left in so many lives, and great sadness in many hearts, there is a message of hope left behind in the ashes of that September day.
The visual memory of the flag flying, reminiscent of soldiers who gave their lives to fight for freedom in the wars of our country's history brings tears to my eyes, every time I see it; our flag will fly proudly.
The hundreds of firemen, police, rescue workers and volunteers who selflessly ran into the hull of danger, while thousands were running out; we are the home of the brave.
The incredible fearless passengers on flight 93, successfully thwarting an evil plot, again selflessly giving their lives to save others; everyone of them a hero.
Hospitals make shift triage centers grief counselors and shelters opened their doors to help anyone on that day and days to follow to find answers; we are the land of the free.
Thousands of churches and worship centers gathered all who needed relief and prayed and ministered to so many; God blesses America
Seeing this country come together, hearing folks singing our nations anthem, saluting the flag proudly, supporting our military and genuinely caring for others is so inspirational. I am proud to be an American and to have the privilege to raise a family here.
I love and pray for those that defend this nation and stare down the enemy every day so my kids can lay their heads on their pillows and sleep safe every night.
I will always look back on September 11th as a day that changed our nation forever, but I will continue to look forward to the stories of hope that still rise from the ashes from that day.
Please listen to this beautiful song a beautiful person shared with me recently. I believe it captures this sentiment.
Gungor Beautiful Things


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  2. America is not just a country, it is heaven. It is the most beautiful place in the world not just because of its beautiful terrain BUT because of the beautiful minds of its citizens. Most of the things that Americans do for the world prove that they are the best. I truly believe America is the land of the free and the land of the brave.
    Most of the countries of the world are simply jealous of America. And not just because it has been able to provide quality living to its citizens, but also because American people have the ability to THINK. Which most of the people in the world do not.
    If we compare an American soldier in the war with a Russian soldier, we will get the clear picture right in front of us. American soldier would think, would feel, would act like a human and would even forgive its enemy but the Russian soldier will not act the same way. Some would, ofcourse, but i am talking here on a average basis. Because the Russian soldiers have been conditioned that way. Also China is the same..

    America is the only country in the world, because of which, there has not been a world war 3.

    What happened on 9/11 was very very very very bad. And the loss was just too deep to be filled. I was in tears back then and I am in tears even today whenever i think about 9/11.
    May their souls rest in peace...

    Thank you for this beautiful post dear friend... you are truly lucky to be among the bravest in the world...

    God bless You... and God Bless America

    ~ Woody Blue

  3. My Dear Lori,
    I remember everything about Sept 11th... and I was in SC and not in New Jersey. I can't imagine how it felt for you guys in the center of it.. I often think about the events that day and I try to keep the families in my prayers. I can't believe it has been 10 years...
    God Bless America,
    Love ya,